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Setting Overview & Campaign Theme

It is RY 992, less than a decade from the Empresses' Millennial celebration and the entire Realm is eagerly awaiting this event.
In RY 712, the Realm survived a civil war that thought the Empress dead, several great houses were nearly destroyed with some of the Empresses' own children committing acts of treason. Mnemon, favored daughter of the Empress lead the rebellion and it was with a heavy heart that the Empress executed her at the end of the War of Tribulation. Long live the Empress!
After nearly a century of rebuilding and consolidation, The Realm sought to regain territories and satraps lost during the Tribulation. The Lap, ever loyal, became the staging ground for the liberation of the southern provinces. It is from here that the famed 23rd legion first marched across the Great Sand Sea and conquered once and for all the loathsome dune dwellers, opening up the riches of the south to the Realm once again.
Enclaves of Fair Folk, having taken advantage of the chaos after the War of Tribulation, now take up permanent residence in the most inhospitable lands in the south and war with the denizens of the underworld lead by the First and Forsaken.
The Realm also has several treaties with other powerful rulers of the underworld, most notably The Mask of Winters who is content to stay in thorns it seems.
In the East, Lookshy continues to be a thorn in the side of the Realm. When Mnemon's forces fell, several of her key personnel fled to Lookshy, including her lover and councilor, the heretical, Dancer on Golden Rays. Forces loyal to Mnemon stationed throughout the East also surrendered to Lookshy under the leadership of Dancer. With threats of retaliation and war with the Realm, Lookshy formed the Eastern Federation, joining politically the city states of Lookshy, Nexus, Great Forks, Sijaan, and Callin. Though Callin was later ceded back to the Realm under the Treaty of 872.
Since the near overthrow of the Empress and especially after the formation of the Federation, the Immaculate faith has been in decline in Lookshy and the land under the protection of the Federation. Many argue that it is a result of the influence of the lands formerly called the "Hundred Kingdoms" while others say it is just a cultural shift away from a religion deemed to be too influenced by the Realm. What ever the reason, the Immaculate Faith is practiced by less than 25% of the population of the Federation.
In the Realm, the Immaculate Faith flourishes and enjoys fervent support as its practice is now seen as a litmus test for loyalty to the Empress. In any lands controlled or influenced by the Realm, the Faith is propogated through the building of new temples, itinerant monks and Dragon Bloods on walk about.
A cold war exists between the Realm and the Federation, each racing each other to open negotiations and embassies with distant kingdoms at the edges of creation. Champoor, gateway to the Dreaming Sea plays each power against each other in a delicate balance, but soon even they will be force to make a choice.
In the North, the Realm and the Federation vie for political influence in places as far off as Gethamnne and Icehome.

Rules to Create a Mortal Character

Creating Mortals

Interested Players

Matt (Twilight) Zviya Ogon
Alice (Night? Dawn? Who can know these things?) Cathak Kiri
Ty (Zenith) Orlin Takar
Philip (Dawn, but I don't like labelling myself) Dihya Mazighen
Johnathan Ibrahim Ben-Baraq
Alexander (Twilight) Fitz
Gabe (Night) Deyat

The Story Thus Far

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