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I have set up a server that had a pre-packaged set of mods. If you are interested in testing it:

  • Install & log into Twitch
  • Go to settings (3 bars on top left)
  • Go to minecraft section and make sure Mod Management is enabled.
    • On this same tab, scroll down and increase RAM, as much as you can give it! Or 12GB, i think the max is 12...
  • It may prompt to install minecraft files, if so, press install
  • After install, in the Minecraft tab, go to My Modpacks, in the search look for and add the All The Mods 3 pack. (if you cant find it, click on Mods at the top of Twitch and select Minecraft)
  • Press play on the newly installed mod, the first time it will install minecraft runtimes
  • log into minecraft
  • in the minecraft launcher, at the bottom, make sure All the Mods 3 is selected.
  • Launch Minecraft - it take a few minutes to get the mods ready.
    • Click on multiplayer and add a server
    • server address =

Tips: Go to and log in, go to your profile and select/upload a new skin if you don't want to run around as Steve, the default skin

Server Rules:

• This is a beta test of the pack and there may be issues or resets.

• There is a mining dimension mod that we're using on the server.

○ All automated mining must be done in this world.

○ You may mine manually as well.

○ No other activity may be done on this world (no bees, farms, et cetera), for lag reasons.

Automated Mob killing systems are allowed, but we've had problems in the past with non-vanilla mobs and with automated killing systems meant to kill as players (like spikes). These have been server killing problems. So don't do this.

  • Each player/team/group will have a general cardinal direction on the server that they can explore. This way we can stay out of each others way. The server doesnt have the mod to set and contorl the spawn point so well just wing it.
    • David/Marie = SE (x,z are both positive)
    • Alexander = SW
    • Rachael = NW
    • John
  • Server Difficulty is Hard

More to come if needed.

Mod Info

Mod Page:

List of Mods in this pack:

Mod Help