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DnD 3.5

Half-Orc Cleric of Bane.
I am unworldly and have never left this town. My parents were both half-orcs. My mother, Durana, died in child birth. That was her fourth child and second daughter, Tayla, now five. She is withdrawn, but seems bright. I am the second child. I have an older sister, Sintia who works a forge, had one child (who died) and is divorced.
I have a younger brother Sula. Sula is only a year younger than me at 21. He is going to be a great general I think as he is already a great warrior. He is bigger and taller than me and that's really saying something. He also beats me at both games of chance and games of strategy. I am very proud of him.
My father is Durgandius. You have perhaps heard of him? He ran a mercenary company well renowned as a cavalry auxiliary. Losing his left arm put an end to that line of work, but he came out with a tidy nest egg and works a bit as a trainer or tutor. Occasionally he travels abroad to advise less experienced commanders.
As for me, I've heard the call of Bane. His ways will bring order to the world. The costs are not important in the end. If I happen to enjoy myself in those methods, well there's no harm in that.